Camping it up

Right…I mentioned it a little before so I’ll mention it again. I want to go camping!

Next month some time the aim is to get as many folk as possible and head up to Glen Nevis campsite and have a few beers and relax and enjoy the fresh air. With a bit of luck a few folk might even join me in going up the hill for a wee walk :)

So far anyone that reads my airsoft forum has been invited. This basically means Mark, Willie, Dave, Stoo, Steve and Dave. Shug and Tony have also been invited as far as I can remember. The campsite does have a showerblock which i believe is on the same par as the wigwams (in fact i think they are as good as Kenmore but only Willie and Ang have been there so it means nothing to the rest of you) Partners are welcome/encouraged as long as theyll camp and wont accost random folk with baseball bats during the night…Jen I’m looking at you… Theres a thread here to chat about it if you guys want…I think ive set that forum up to allow guests to post so we’ll see how that works.

In fact to be honest, with regards to the walking up the mountain I’m thinking Tony’s my best bet since Willie’s declared his intent to sit outside his tent with his coolbox full of beer. Technically I never made it to the top the time I did limb it thanks to a blizzard stopping us from seeing more than 5 foot in front of us but we reckon we were about 10m away from it. Need to do it properly next time though!

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    I’M GOING!!!

  2. jen [Visitor] says:

    hahahahaha jen im looking at you eh?

    aye ill be there no doubt if shug is … and ill leave my baseball bat at home … ill just bring my mashcette instead :P

  3. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Machete ya fanny!!

  4. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    My only problem is its a campsite…still the wilds of scotland await for later in the year where fires required to cook so theres an excuse for a bonfire! ;)

  5. -RSG [Visitor] says:

    Lemme know when you’re thinking of doing this, I might be up for it :)

    Dunno if I’ll have time though! Got 2 FireFight normal weekends, got my birthday, and got the LAN on the last weekend of the month :|

    ( Would June not be warmer? ;) )

  6. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    Midges get really bad from June onwards

  7. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Midges don’t bite me cos I have funny blood


    June’s too busy anyway – we have one of the festivals 10th-12th, We have to go to my Mum’s wedding on the 18th, various birthdays and then I’m off to Barcelona to see NIN. Added to that, a campsite full of screaming brats with sunbun and midge bites is not my idea of a holiday zone.

    Man. I hate children

  8. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    its not the biting that worries me after last years ‘plague’

    They just got everywhere…in your food…in your beer…in your mouth and ears.

    Last year was teh worst year on record for them supposedly and if the beginning of summer is as wet and mild as last year it will probably be just as bad.

    /me goes off and starts eat ragwort like its a sweetie.

  9. Laura [Visitor] says:

    I hate camping!

  10. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    you can stay in a b&b in fort william then :p

  11. Shug [Visitor] says:

    jen in shugs account …

    aye i know i spelled thatwrongly vonnie but ye know me ….useless to the core

  12. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Ah pure love you doll :p

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