Getting to grips with Expariate Remuneration…

What the hell is it with mortgage companies? Do they think that because they hand out ?100k’s every day that everyone can afford more than a few quid for admin costs?

In order to get Susie’s name taken off the mortgage and off the deeds its going to cost me at least ?450 in admin fees by the mortgage company and the lawyers by the looks of things…and thats even before I start thinking about remortgaging in order to save some cash. god help me if I need to start forking out for a survey as well.

Ach…at least this way we both get what we want. Susie gets the freedom to get her own place nearer her friends and family and I can get that crossbow Susie’s been talking about so I can shoot that “man in pyjamas” that keeps running about the hill every morning trying to eat me when I leave for work!

In other news I missed a meeting this morning by 2 minutes and now im being forced to sit through the longer version of the presentation in about 10 minutes. Today can only get better :)

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  1. -RSG [Visitor] says:

    Director’s Cut?

  2. Shug [Visitor] says:

    jen on shugs account …. ill get that man in pajamas for ye ….*jens does crazy flying manouvre and rugby tackles guy to ground*…bloody east kilbride-ians….lol i bloody hate that place man :p

  3. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Me too ;)

  4. Shug [Visitor] says:

    dude your getting a crossbow!

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