Its been a funny week…hold on I’m saying that an awful lot these days!

A basic rundown of the last couple of days can probably be summurised by what ive eaten.

Donnar Meat, Chips and Cheese with Chilli Sauce (The food of the gods)
BBQ Spare Ribs and Waffles
Caramac KitKats
Blood Orange Kitkats
Chicken Fajita and Cheese Burrito
Seville Orange Rolos
Tunnocks Caramel Logs
Hot and Spicy Pringles
25p Noodles

Thats about it…not exactly healthy but definately proof of it not being normal.

The weekend was relatively quiet what with me not having alot of cash and Vonnie hobbling about on her broken ankle. We did make it into Rockers to see The Demons Eye play again. The last time I seen that band play was in there and it was the first time I got to really meet Vonnie who was going out with the bands guitarist at the time. How times change :) Anyway, it was Eileen and Gordon’s birthday night out on the saturday and seeing as i had no cash I couldnt really go out for them. I did try and pop into the Solid to catch gordon and buy him a drink but I think I got there too early as there was no sign of him.

Got my call up papers for Jury Duty at the High Court again. I thought I’d got out of it after my work giving me a “get out of jail free” card last time but it seems it was just a stay of execution and of all the weeks to have it on :(

Things are starting to move with the flat. Got the paperwork through from the mortgage folk to get the debt in my name and I’m waiting on a phone call from the lawyers about how much they are going to cost me. Hopefully I’ll have the process started by the end of the week.

Heading down to London tomorrow night for a day. I’ve been asked to go and help out the Commission for Africa with their problems using the system to get thier OT payments paid and various other issues. Should be interesting though its scaring me shedless at the moment…I was fine until they mentioned a group session first thing on Thursday morning. I just hope Steven (the guy im going down there with) can handle that as I’ll have to deal with most of the other work I think.

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