Gobble Gobble

I dont think I’ve actually sat down for any length of time this weekend.

First there was the bowling on Friday night where I bowled a fantastic two games only for Craig (the other guy scoring well and also the TDIS drummer) to call shenanigans. This was because Vonnie got a strike for me whilst I was at the bar and for “using the dark side of the force to knock pins over for half-strikes from a split-pin situation” It was a good laugh and was swiftly followed by the cathouse. I was convinced I dragged Vonnie home at about 1.30am but I’m reliably informed it was 12.30…I was sure we were there for longer than an hour :S

Saturday we were going to take Finn to Calderglen to see the animals but by the time we got up to EK it was 4pm and the wind was howlingly cold. Went to my parents fro dinner instead and got back to Vonnies just in time to collapse in the couch half asleep.

Sunday was another day of intent but lack of any real plan. We were supposed to go to the shows and had even dragged Shug and Jen down from Greenock only to find out that the shows had packed up that afternoon. We ended up in Hotshots for another game or bowling as the pool tables were full. Realised I was crap at most arcade games despite just beating Vonnie at some drivng game. We thought about the cinema but there was nothing that Shug would watch and after the girls screamed there way through the VR ride we headed toteh pub for grub. Twenty minutes later we still hadnt decided what to eat so got up and left. Wandered around Asda for ages looking lost and playing with the toys and the wire brushes then a quick bite to eat in McD’s at god knows what time.

I’m now struggling to keep my eyes open and its only lunchtime! God only knows how Shug feels since he had to start work at 5am! :p

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