Been a busy week without actually doing very much. Random stuff during the week kept me busy and Friday night was a quiet night at Vonnies. I’d had some dodgy pakora the night before and my stomach wasnt feeling the best so I was tired and grumpy despite having the day off work. bumped into Paul (Staley) in Borders and had a chat with him as we both wasted time before the shops we were looking for opened then headed home.

Saturdays original plans consisted of wargaming at Marks, Guard v Necron, and then meeting Vonnie from the train back from Dundee at night. Unfortunately the pakora played a larger part and I ended up in bed all day and night. When I wasnt curled into a ball with my stomach in a knot I played a bit of World of Warcraft which is suprisingly good. Eventually fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up on Saturday night I managed to get through the first 8 episodes of CSI. Stoo…I hate you…I’m addicted now.

Yesterday was very nice despite the weather and its threats of rain. Vonnie had got herself a car on the Friday night so we took a drive up to Glencoe and got a bit to eat with Finn. It was a nice wee drive and being back up there reminded me how much I missed it. I dont get up there anywhere near enough. I could feel the stresses in my life drain away as the first hills at the start of Glen Coe came into view.

Click to see the few pics I took when I was out…the weather wasnt the greatest on the way back home which was when we were gong to stop and take some pics)

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