Yesterday was a bit weird. My brain was fresh and rested but my body felt like I’d just ran 12 marathons and had died at least a half dozen times during them. Very surreal.

Managed to get away from work in time to nip to the Town Centre and and pick up a present for Finn’s birthday that was on Saturday. Sorta felt bad I didnt manage to get it before we left for Download though. He seemed to like his spiderman figure despite having the same one but different at his dads. He really liked his Darth Vader costume although im regretting him getting that now as I need to get hit on the head with a lightsaber everytime he puts the mask on now ;)

My minds going round in circles this morning so no doubt I’ll throw up a random entry later this afternoon that makes no sense to anyone…including me. If I mention faulty balti’s though just ignore it.

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    If yesterday was a bit weird, how the *fuck* would you class today :p


  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    24 marathons and 36 deaths but a surprised smile at the end that means “Im alive”!

    Or somethign like that :p

  3. stoo [Visitor] says:

    how, what happened?

  4. andy blip [Visitor] says:

    bastarding toucans.

  5. Vonnie [Member] says:


    Stoo – all will be revealed shortly ;)

  6. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    yeah toucans.

    The Balti was supposed to have parrot in it but instead it was Toucan…so it was a faulty balti

  7. Vonnie [Member] says:

    You’re all gay

  8. Scapey [Visitor] says:


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