For those that havent been told yet…

I’m going to be a dad. Found out last week and the docs appointment yesterday with vonnie went well. I wanted to tell everyone in person but its just taking that long to do that its got to the stage where folk are hearing about it before I get a chance to tell them. Well everyone apart from Stoo that is…

Me whilst standing at the bar : “What do you want to drink? By the way im going to be a dad.”
Stoo shocked for 5 seconds then shakes head to clear it : “How?”
Me : “Well when a man and a woman love each other…”
Stoo : “No no no” concetrates intently on his pint that just arrived
5 seconds pass
Stoo : “How?”
Another pause
Stoo : “Im struggling really hard not to say what, where, why and when here! I knew something was going on!”

Or something along those lines…Made me laugh anyway :)
Wanted to write more about this but works a bit busy today so I’ll try and get another update in after lunchtime ;)

One thing I’d ask though is please don’t be splashing it all over the place until we’ve had the scan to make sure that everything is ok :)

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  1. laura [Visitor] says:

    Hey I didn’t want to send a congrats text cos i’m not sure if you do that until like after 12 weeks or whatever. but congrats anyhow!x

  2. eileen/cupotea [Visitor] says:

    congrats guys! i have an amusing book for you to borrow for dads to be, ill give it to vonnie when I see her. I want it back though!

  3. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Cheers you guys :D

  4. keltik [Visitor] says:

    congratulations, hope it all works out well :D

  5. Scapey [Visitor] says:



  6. Vonnie [Member] says:


  7. stoo [Visitor] says:


  8. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Here Stoo – don’t be encouraging him, eh? :p

  9. Laura [Visitor] says:

    If it’s a girl you could call it Bobette. Aw wee bobette and bobzuki!

  10. Vonnie [Member] says:


  11. Laura [Visitor] says:

    Ok ok. How about bobalina?…….
    Aw pretty!

  12. Vonnie [Member] says:

    *shakes head*

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