I did actually get a hangover after last night…just didnt get it until 2pm today

Why did it take so long for the hangover to kick in? In fact more to the point why was I so pished on 3 pints of guiness and a tequila and lemonade? I even stocked up on pasta before I went to the pub so its not as if I was drinking on an empty stomach.

Anyway…last night was good fun. Been a good while since I’ve been out for a drink with my mates and hopefully it will be something that will happen more often. Probably not at the Gardenhall pub though…smells to much of wee and purple hair rinse. Anyway…we want a pubquiz where the music round is actually doable because they dont play 8/10 songs from the 60′s by almost unknown black singers. Mind you when you cant get the Doobie Brothers right what hope do you have. I was shocked at how well we did in the general knowledge and news rounds…didnt think we had it in us!

Lookng forward to the weekend already and its only tuesday…this cant be good. Probably why I thought it was Sunday when the alarm didnt go off this morning and we slept in!

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    That was quite hilarious

    Me:- Bob it’s 8am!

    Bob:- But it’s Sunday….

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