“Hello your through to O2. Im John and this is the cattle prod im going to stick up your arse”

I cancelled my O2 phones today. It was surprisingly easy considering the level of service im used to from them. Im fed up with their system being down whenever I call to try and get something from them or the phone I want being out of stock each and everytime I call only to be told when I do eventually get it that theyve had hundreds of them or the last month.

Today’s call went something along the lines of this. A nasally guy comes on with an accent that I cant really place. Hes either from Glasgow or Newcastle depending on how hard you listen to him. After trying to explain to him that I want to cancel my current phone contract as well as my SIM only contract he then tells me I only have one phone on my account. What part of “SIM only” didnt this guy get? He put me on hold for about 5 mnutes whilst he tried to put me through to someone when the system crashed. Surprise surprise. Eventually he puts me through to some politely spoken english woman with an unplaceable accent when the dreaded words are uttered from her lips…
“Can I ask why your wanting to cancel your phones?”
I got this the last time I tried and they eventually talked me round to staying on with O2. I wasn’t going to be so easy this time…they did take 45 mins last time to get me round though. I came up with a master plan of telling them I didnt want a monthly contract phone anymore and was switching to a pay as you go O2 phone that my girlfriend got me so I havent a clue of the call/txt package. It worked…because I was staying with O2 they decided to send me out a couple of those 300 free txt pay as you go SIMs as well and cancelled the other ones on the spot. I was VERY surprised.

I did get a little mad though when she told me I could upgrade the free SIM to the ‘Genie’ package of 500 free txts and 100 mins free for a minimum spend of ?10 a month. When I originally phoned up to try and get a replacement SIM for the one I fried last week they said they could only give me the crappy monthly sims they do now as Genie didnt exist anymore. They couldnt even offer me the 300 free txt pay as you go sims. Then just as I’m cancelling they tell me that!

Anyway im on the lookout for a new phone now. Had my eyes on a couple but after reading a few reviews one of them, the Nokia 3230, I’m most upset at how bad it actually is despite the specs of it. Quite fancied one of the Sony Ericsson ones…the one up from Susie’s phone but I cant seem to find a decent tariff for it and the reviews are either stunning (its mp3 playing ability is shit hot apparently) or mediocre. Which leaves me with the Nokia 6230i. Not exactly a new phone but it looks quite tasty and the specs are up there withthe best. The reviews give it top marks as long as you dont get a faulty handset….so I guess I’ll need to be very careful if I do get it and make sure its working properly. Anyway the hope is to get one tomorrow so we’ll see what happens.

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  1. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    already got one…ended up with the 6230i that you stuck on your wishlist a wee while ago. Nice wee phone without looking stupid :)

  2. keltik [Visitor] says:

    i have the sharp 901 with vodafone, yknow the new one where the guys listening to music and his hair changes accordingly?

    say that tho, i thought vodafone was a good network, but i got my first bill in for ?117! i spent forever trying to call them but they didnt answer – held on for over an hour at a national rate call too. so when i cancelled my DD with the bank, the very next day i got a call from them, i told them it was a bad time and to call at the weekend, then later i got a text saying to call a number by 8pm if i wanted to keep using my phone! so i did call and paid half the bill. and theyre still calling me… i had an o2 phone previously and never really had any bother with them. so the moral of this story (i guess) is dont trust vodafone, or 3g, their bastards!

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