Today has been a great day so far…

I’ve got myself a spangly new phone, Nokia 6230i, which I’m gradually falling in love with, well as much in love you can get with a piece of electrical equipment ooer…

I also won a prize in a raffle today. Almost forgot about it as I bought my tickets at the start of May. Really only bought them for the chance at winning the holiday that was the first prize but it seems I came 2nd or 3rd or something! got a nice wee shiny Sony Walkman HDD for my troubles. If I hadnt been out at lunchtime I could have got an xbox but my joint runnerup colleague got there first and picked the bigger box! :D

Its got a 20GB drive on it….I dont think Ive got 20GB of music!?!

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    I have 20Gb of music :yes:

    Ok I don’t, but my need is still greater :D

  2. Hakee [Visitor] says:

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