Make Poverty History!

Well that was surprisingly enjoyable. The Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh was something to see. Getting up at 5am though isn’t something I want to repeat anytime soon though…its Monday and im still trying to recover!

We had heard the bus through from Glasgow was fully booked and I was expecting a fair few Alt Nation types on board. This turned into a half empty bus that contained 10 AN types and hangers on. When we got to Edinburgh the place was almost empty. There was a regular surge of from Waverly train station but even that wasnt that big. The raods had been clear enough that we’d made it into the city 15 minutes before we were timetabled to be there. By the time we’d made it to The Meadows a few more folk had arrived but it still didnt look that busy.

After wandering about around the various tents and stalls, mostly looking for whistles for later, we settled down to watch the main stage. Just as Cardinal whatsisname came on the stage my Uncle Mike phoned and we decided to wander over to find him. Took me ages but we eventually did find them and Vonnie got to meet Mike and Jean.

Took a vote about 12.30pm to see when we wanted to wander about and join the actual march. I was overrulled after wanting to wait until 2pm before ehading off….im glad i was overruled…even leaving at 12.30 we still didnt make it onto the march until about 3.30pm! There was that many folk in the park that you just couldnt move at this point and for safety reasons they had to let folk out a bit at a time. Didnt realise it until later that there was 225,000 people there! The way the park is designed you cant really see the length of it as its broken up by rows of trees making 5 sections that were full of folk…but you could only see your section.

Because we had to wait so long we could only do 2/3 of the walk. We managed to get through the barrier just after we left Princes Street and found our way to Waverly Station just in time to catch a lift in the bus before the one we were booked on. I think most folk fell asleep on the bus at some point apart from Finn and Vicki!

I slept well on Saturday night!

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