I really dont get these people. These so called anarchists that are causing the problems in Edinburgh. Its the same folk that were cordened off on Saturday that seem to be organising it and because they are seen to be causing trouble they are attracking even more idiots that are just out looking for a fight. What purpose does overturning a taxi withteh driver still in it or pissing on the police serve? If I here one more person that says something along the lines of “The police are The Man and damn The Man” I swear they’ll know what its like to be on the recieving end of a baton charge!

Yes, yesterdays initial demonstration was unauthorised. Yes it did go ahead. The organisers never officially told the city council or the police of their plans and because of this the policing that these things need had to be done on the hoof. The ‘carnival’ as I understand it actually went off without a hitch except that the police wouldnt let them march where they really wanted to which is no big thing in my eyes. If they arent allowed to prepare for these things then they should be allowed to stop or divert the march accordingly..which they did.

But its the groups that joined up at the back that caused the problems. It wasnt the folk dressed as clowns or dancing that caused all the problems. It was the folk dressed in black or with thier faces covered that started acting like the aggressors. What is the bloody point of all the violence? All it does in these cases is undermine the work done by the thousands of peaceful protestors and put innocent civilians and police in the line of fire.

The MP’s or members of the public that got caught up in this I dont see as having much they can complain about. This march had been planned for weeks. It was well advertised and the police had issued statements asking folk to stay away if they didnt need to be there. Those shop workers and shoppers that were in shops when it kicked off were asked to leave by the back exits so as to not get caught up in any fighting. Those that walked down into Princess Street must have either been blind or wanted to get close enough to the action that they could have something to say about it ie the Green Party MP’s that just happened to wander through police lines. Fair enough thats going to happen to some people but it just seems very strange that most of the folk it happened to happened to either be involved with the first demonstration yesterday or had something against the way things were being done in the first place. Without the march coordinators talking to the police they couldnt organise a watertight ‘defence’ which would stop joe public getting involved but they did try there best to make sure those causing trouble didnt break through to cause damage…cops dont have eyes in the back of their head no matter how much you think they may be demons rather than normal humans.

What little good memories that came from yesterday through the media will stick with me because they made me smile and it made a lot of the cops smile as well. Well who wouldnt when you see an attractive girl dressed as a clown kissing a cops riot shield because she cant get to his cheek or the group of similarly clad protestors that greeted a slow advance by baton weilding police by doing the hokey-cokey in front of them. The violence though completely overshadows this.

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