Bit of a panic last night.

For the last week Vonnies been complaining of stomach cramps but after calling NHS Direct or whatever the scottish one is called these days we let it sit to ee if it got better. They said it was probably her pelvic bones moving into place a little early or something like that.

Then last night rather than sudden cramps she ended up in pain for about 3-4 hours so we went to the hospital to see what was up. They werent sure what it was so they sent us over to the Southern General to get a scan with the possibility of them keeping her in overnight. Thankfully they didnt do that but they didnt have anyone on that could perform the scan so we had to go back this morning after Vonnie was giving some antibiotics incasse it was just an infection. They still wouldnt rule out an ectopic pregnancy though so neither of us got very much sleep last night as all.

Made it to the hospital this morning and after waiting ages for the scan and to see a doc we got this pic and confirmation that everything seemed to be going OK and that we’ve to see if the antibiotics help any.

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  1. Laura [Visitor] says:

    What bit’s the head?

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    there isnt a head yet that you can see…

    see the dark circle?

    see the white blob on the right inside?
    thats the beginnings of the baby.

    see the white circle?
    thats the yolk sac.

    It’ll be a few weeks more before you can make it out as looking like a baby at all :p

    Oh and the first person that says it looks like pacman or the deathstar will be getting a fully extended lightsaber up thier arse :)

  3. Vonnie [Member] says:

    It’s the blob on the right inside the circle that’s the baby :p

    The head is at the top of the dotted line, although right now like Bob says, it looks more like ET than an actual baby :(

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