Books books books…bloody books

Been reading a lot of strange books at the moment. Well when I say strange I mean books that folk might not normally pick up. As always I refuse to read Dan Brown (even though I almost caved this morning when I needed something to read on the bus to work) bt the subject matter has always interested me. I like my conspiracy theories about the church so I do.

Anyway I had been given a loan of a book called “The Rule of Four” which is supposedly just like The Da Vinci Code but better. Its about a young guy at university in America who gets caught up in one of his friends thesis’ because its based on his dead fathers work on an old manuscript called Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. It wasn’t based ona huge conspiracy but was written as a sort of “who done it” with the solving of the puzzle used to actually tell the story. Very well done and I think I liked it because of the whole problem solving thing that was such a big deal in the story.

At the back of the book were several other books that were being marketted to the same audiance. One of those was The Assassini. This tweaked my interest because of my love for christian history and all the fuck-ups that have went on inside the church over the centuries. to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Yes the twists were good and it was very well put together but it was nothing that it made itself out to be. I’ve seen myself come up with better stories about the church for roleplays that this one. To many characters sticking their oar in and to many dead bodies to really remember the actual characters and the lack of any real intrigue and insider dealings that the book promised really let it down.

Now I’m stuck for something to read and neither Vonnie or myself have anything in our vast bookshelves that tickle my fancy. :(

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    I offered you loads of stuff this morning that you wouldn’t even consider!

  2. Bob [Visitor] says:

    because it didnt tickle my fancy :p

  3. mark [Visitor] says:

    i’ll trade you, i’ve got loads of stuff but need new stuff to read

  4. stoo [Visitor] says:

    i’ve got ‘famous five go camping’ if you want to borrow that….

  5. Scapey [Visitor] says:

    S’not like I’ve got lots of books, or anything…

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