Vonnie licked ice cream off my nose in KFC last night. She insisted i stick that in my blog by the way ;)

I’d been asked to help make up numbers for the Alt Nations forum football teams weekly 7′s game down at Ibrox as they’d lost almost a full team due to the Celtic game, Lee’s birthday and a few other crappy reasons. Anyway I’ve since found out that my football trainers have went west. I must have binned them when I moved into my flat so I was stuck with my Vans last night. I’d have killed myself if i’d have tried toplay inthem though. Thankfully Tony had about 50 spare pairs in the boot of his car and lent me a pai that fitted perfectly. I don’t know if I like the fell of these new football boots…its like a sock with a set of crampons stuck onthe bottom.

Anyway I impressed myself with my fitness level ie I didnt die. Shug was right in that you can start to feel your touch coming back to you just as times up. Don’t see me getting a regular game but I enjoyed myself. Think my badminton reflexes came back to me when I was in goals for a while…cant catch a ball to save my life but that ball wasn’t going anywhere near the back of the net whilst I was there. We won the game 4-1 I think.

Then at about 1am some guy right upstairs decided to stick his stereo on full blast and play songs about how great america is and start to shout random abuse into the street and throw some racist crap in as well. He lasted 20 minutes before the cops arrived. Considering the crap he was coming away with i’m surprised he lasted 20 minutes without one of the other neighbours killing him.

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Ahahahahahaa I can’t believe you posted that :p

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