” I think if people see this footage, they’ll say Oh, my God, that’s horrible. And then they’ll go on eating their dinners.”

Yesterday I had an officer come in to the office for a briefing who normally lives in the centre of London. We got chatting about the bombs and its effect on the city etc. It seems that despite the autorities saying that everyones going about their business as ormal and that theres maybe a 5% drop in visitors or something along those lines it actually looks a lot more than that. The officer estimated it at more like 50%…her main example was the local M&S foodstore that at noon on a Saturday after noon you have to fight throughthe crowds to get to never miond shop in…it was like a ghosttown.

Talking to a few other folk and it seems as thoguh Glasgow is getting effected as well. Last week just after rush hour the underground was almost empty and the atmosphere in Govanhill and Pollockshields seems to be very tense at time. Most people are still going about their business fine but it seems to only be taking one thing to spark and the whole place changes its attitude at once a bit like a school of fish changing direction.

I did smile the other day though when I went past the big mosque beside the Clyde. I’d seen several people earlier in the city centre mouthing off at each other about what had been happening…the usual “fuck off back to where you came from” with the replies of “I was born in glasgow you arsehole”. It was a fantastic day with the sun shining down and as the bus drove past the mosque a young mother was sitting in the sun looking relaxed but the 3 kids she had with her were running about with biggest smiles ive seen on kids in ages, two of them asian and one white.

Why is the world so fucked up?

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  1. Scapey [Visitor] says:

    No idea.
    But it’s OUR job to fix the fucker, in what little ways we can.

    Try to make sure Morgan and Vonzilla have a slightly better class of shitehole to live in.

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