“That, my friend, is Welsh money”

Went to see the mortgage adviser yesterday. Turns out if I change lenders I’ll be paying almost he same amount as I am just now but borowing that little bit extra to pay for fees etc as well as the money for Susie. Unfortunately Its going to cost me about a grand to do this if I do it before 1 December as it seems we were tied into the mortgage for 3 years rather than the 2 years I thought it was…got an early repayment charge as well as having to pay back the cash advance they gave us. There is an upside though…I thought the current mortgage was for ?2k more than it actually is so although im not really gaining anything the loss isnt that bad.

I need to do my sums better in future.

On a related note…the mortgage adviser was due to call me today once she heard back fromthe mortgage companies…and I’ve left my mobile at Vonnies! I think I’ll need to buy Vonnie a t-shirt that says “I’m with dipshit”

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