“All right now, son, I want you to get a good night’s rest. And remember, I could murder you while you sleep.”

So yesterday was a non-starter…

Work was boring…
Travel was boring…
TV at night was boring…

I managed to forget have of my stuff yesterday morning including my phone on which I was expecting a call from the mortgage adviser. She was going to give it a ring so that I could phone her back except that where I’d left it in Vonnies flat you couldnt get asignal so I dont even have a record of a missed call and she didnt leave any voice mail. Arrgghh

Vonnie got in from work about 20 minutes after I got to the flat and within an hour she was asleep on her bed shattered fromt eh early start she had. I was the same but I had to wait for the washing machine to finsh before going to bed as we needed to get the stuff in it dry for this morning. So I sat last night bored out my mind watching crappy TV and falling back on the Celtic game when I couldnt find anything else to watch. Bit unlucky for them but theyve only themselves to blame for losing 5 goals inteh first game. Spent the time inbetween crap TV on the net getting even more bored…so much so that I actually found watching my character on Ultima Online interesting to watch and he was just standing there macroing Alchemy!

About 10.30ish I’d just worked out that both CSI: Miami and CSI: NY were pish and so decided to go to the toilet and see if there was anyway to speed up the washing machine. I was standing in the toilet doorway (the only light on in the flat was the toilets light) when I heard a scream from the hall. Turning round I seen Vonnie almost collapsing to the floor because id gave her such a fright. She’d woke up thinking it was about 3am and that I hadnt been there all night and got a fright when she seen me thinking it was someone else.

Then about 4am the bloody fire alarm went off again and thinking I could just unplug the battery again ( I did check the flat and the close for anything burning first might I add) I went and got the ladders…I was still half asleep and forgot it was connected to the mains. :(

Then some buggers house alarm went off not long after that and was still going off when I went to work this morning.

All in all I’m a very tired Bob today :(

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Ahahahaha I forgot about screaming at you! I was convinced you hadn’t come home :cry:

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