“Bringing her up to speed now captain..”

A few updates I think rather than one large one like last time…that was just to much to read!

I cant really remember what ive got up to over the weekend as such. I seem to recall getting a curry on thursday night? It was delicious whenever it was. Chicken Tikka Chazni with boiled rice and a naan from Desi’s on Allison Street. Fantastic.

Friday night we sat and done nothing I think. We watched Still Game when it came on but that was about the only highlight of night and that wasn’t even that funny. It was as if they’d wrote the part in a hurry to fit Robbie Coltrane into it and couldnt be arsed.

On Saturday I took Finn into town to spend his pocket money while I picked up Stoo’s birthday present and renewed my bus pass…guess what I forgot to bring with me. Got half way up Buchanan Street only to realise I didnt have the pass with me! :(
Headed into Forbidden Planet to try and get ideas for Stoo’s present but barely seen anything of interest. Finn on the otherhand couldn’t stop his jaw from dropping.
I wasn’t about to let him get anythign from in there as the price was stupid but as we were going to A1 anyway I thought we’d see what he thought in there. He seen a remote control Batmobile but it was way to expensive for his bank balance but he almost had another fit when he seen 3 lifesize batmen in teh window and behind the counter. So he got a batman figure while I picked up Stoo’s Halo2 *spit* present.

Sunday I headed back into town to get the bus pass, which I remembered this time, and picked up a few things from Lush for Vonnie and season three of Still Game which we then spent all afternoon and evening watching. We were going to go to asda after that and get grub for lunches during the week and I was starving so was wanting to get somethign for supper while I was there. 9pm came and Vonnie said she was away for a quick shower…20 mins later I realised I couldnt hear the shower over the washing machine I went to find out if she was OK. Shes been known to have to sit down after feeling light headed and I was a bit worried. I found her having a bath and when I said “I thought you were gong for a quick shower?” she replied “It’s…eh…broke…” An hour later I went back in to say I was starving and was going to the shops for grub and did she want any only to be told she be out in a minute…we got to Asda at the back of 11 and I didnt get to eat anything until we got back to the flat at around midnight…the worst thing being the shelves were empty and there was bugger all I wanted. What i did buy was crap :(

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