“Life is really like Halo2…”

So..Stoo’s party…

Great to see everyone again and I think its been years since I’ve seen a couple of them. Pear cider is fucking fantastic. Thats about the only words I can use to descibe it without sounding like Willy Wonka.

Met Stoo’s sister for the first time which was strange considering how long I’ve known him. Which reminds me I was meant to get the address for somewhere for her. Had a good laugh with everyone else and a couple of chats with folk about some important things. Still to finish one of them thoguh as we kept getting interupted so it can hold off until next time and the other one was about hte friendship tattoo we were all going to get a couple of years ago. It seems Gordon is making a bit of cash at the moment designing the buggers so has offered to do ours. Came up with the premise for a really cool and unique idea so hopefully that will work out :)

Headed back to Vonnie’s about 2am-ish I think. Realised once the fresh air hit me that I was slightly drunk. It as freezing outside but I couldnt tell I needed a jacket. I just danced all the way to the bus stop with my headphones on and then danced all the time while I waited ontehbus to show up. The driver was a maniac and made it to Victoria Road in about 10 minutes!

Stoo seemed really pleased about his present…just wish I could have got him the Master Chief I had seen a couple of weeks previously instead though :)

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  1. stoo [Visitor] says:

    sorry dude… my browser cache has only just refreshed and a whole load of messages have just appeared on your site. weird.

    anyway, thanks for my present, i’ve flew it round the living room a few times when laura’s been out making whoosh noises. bit like a kid with a new toy.

    oh.. i wish i was joking….

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