Hmm…I want to change something but I dont know what. I’ve been trying to come up with a new design for the airsoft but either I cant quite get ideas from my head onto the computer through either lack of time in front of a PC/lack of ability or I just don’t have the enough good photos to work with. I get so far then give up..and I don’t like it…no Siree Bob.

Been thinking about changing my journal a bit as well. I like the pic…actually I love the pic but the site just doesnt seem to work properly in my eyes. Probably more to do with the fact the gallery doesnt quite mesh well enough with the blog software. Theres so much I want to do with the site but for various reasons can’t. I want to write more in it..not just about what Igot up to over the weekend but things that crop up in my head. Useless things to everyone else but it would mean somethign to me which is why I made the place in the first place.

I want to do something with photography someday but I refuse to spend pounds every week on developing films if I get a normal film SLR and I can’t afford a digital SLR at the moment. My current digital camera is damn good but as its a compact I’ve very limited in what I can do with it and the settings I can play about with. I’d really need to fix the gallery first if I was to go anywhere with that one anyway.

I want to get something else on the site as well. I haven’t a clue what though. Always wanted to put some drawings up…a webcomic type thing. Unfortunately my drawing skills have greatly deminished over the years since Mr Draffen (I think thats what he was called) stopped chewing on his charcoal and made me sit in a corner of the art class because I was too noisey. I couldnt see what we were drawing/painting because I had my back to it and there was a row of tables, chairs and schoolkids in my way. What else I could put up I don’t know. I really do feel its missing something and I dont know what :(

Maybe I just want change for change sake. I used to regularly change my bedroom when I stayed at my parents house…I’d be lucky if it stayed the same for more than 6 months without the furniture being moved more than a few inches or the posters changing places.

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    I thought it was me who was supposed to be into rearranging things the now?

  2. mark [Visitor] says:

    Bob’s nesting

  3. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    I don’t nest!

    I destroy things then rebuild them. It’s called a god complex or something :p

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