I remember getting up in the morning, at ten o’clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eating a lump of coal…

Today I caught myself seriously saying something that I’ve only ever said as a pisstake. As I was on the bus this morning after passing through Busby I said to myself, “I remember when it was fields as far as the eye can see…”

The scary thing is I do remember when that was the case. My dad used to take me up past College Milton to get conkers. And when I say up past College Milton I literally mean just past the entrance to the industrial estate opposite coca cola. There was nothing but country roads past that with fields on the right hand side as you head out of EK. It was the trees on the edge of those fields that we got the conkers. In those days Peel Park consisted of a couple of units beside Phillipshill Hospital (which no longer exists!)

You constantly read in the papers abou the greenbelt being eroded as new houses get built. I used to laugh that the country road my parents used to take me along that went behind the Somerfield depot and came out on Markethill doesnt exist anymore as they built Stewartfield on it which at the time was the largest privately owned housing scheme in Europe. These days you have to go out to Phillipshill Cemetary almost to find a road that leads up out in the countryside on that side of East Kilbride and even then it barely takes you out of sight of the houses. Lindseyfield is another one that annoys me. For years I used to go cycling out to Eaglesham only to turn right and head out into the hills beyond and then take the back roads into East Kilbride. These days the 12 mile round trip from my parents probably only has about 5 miles of that in the countryside and even then alot of the time you can still see the houses, where as it used to be about 4 miles of houses and the rest well out of site of East Kilbride and Eaglesham.

I like the fact that East Kilbride is getting bigger but the thought of all the countryside disappearing is actually depressing me. And its getting worse every day as more and more of the greenbelt gets eaten away.

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