“So, what did we learn from throwing the wellington boot?”

So…ive been on a team building event and it wa everything I thought it would be.

Well actually I thought it was gong to be like “Be My Enemy” by Christopher Brookmyre where they all turn up for a team building event in a country house and it ends up the murder capital of Scotland. So when I turned onto the drive at the Crutherland Hotel and found 4 guys in bright red jackets with huge smiles waving at us I started to panic.

The day started off with pretending to be a shepard as I guided my blindfolded colleagues into a pen around obsticles using only a whistle. then it was onto ‘The Casket’ where we had to fashion a device that could lift a bomb from within an exclusion zone and dumb it in a safety box without spilling any of the liquid in it. Third was a plank walk thingie were we could only stand on planks of wood and we werent allowed to touch any of the obstacles. That one was quite fun until I burst the zip on my trousers trying to climb under a piece of tape without touching it. Then we had the Highland Games…tossing the caber…throwing the wellie…rolling the haggis…highland dancing and singing of the nation al anthem. I didnt like that one…

Then we got to the fun part of the day. Laser Clay Pidgeon Shooting. It was a bit like laserquest except it was real clays and a real clay firing thingie. I was only beat by the mad psycho woman who turned out to be an outstanding shot…barley missing any clays during the entire game!

All these activities were accompanied by the usual hoopla of team building. Buzzwords and encouragement got you extra points and it all felt sickly sweet at the back of my throat.

The afternoon was dealt with indoors where it was brainstorming and trying to apply “what we learned” to our every day jobs that took top billing. If it wasnt for the boiled sweety sugar rushes I was getting I’d have feel asleep sharpish. The day nackered me out though which is always a bonus.

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  1. “I guided my blindfolded colleagues into a pen around obsticles using only a whistle” – genius :)

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    I was so tempted to make them walk into the obsticales ;)

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