“I’m being tortured in a cherry orchard…”

So aye…the weekend of hell in a basket.

Friday night I sat in Vonnies looking after Finn and tidying up the flat a little. We still had loads to pack up and you could almost see the fear on Lizzie’s face when she seen the flat for the first time. Sat and played on the Lego website all night with Finn to keep him occupied then Lizzie and Ruth came back with Vonnie from the swimming to eat their takeaway before heading off.

Saturday…I took Finn into the city centre to get my bus pass with me and to give Vonnie some time to start clearing the bits left in the flat. We ended up running around the city centre looking for trains for him to buy but there was nothing in his price range so I took him into the model shop on Cathcart road to show him all the trains he can get when he’s a bit older. Don’t think ‘ve seen him smile so big for so long in a wee while :)

Saturday night I was trying to get a few of the guys to make up their characters for the roleplay but there was to much to be done in teh flat. Vonnie had a party to go to with folk from her old work so I stayed behind and tried to sort the flat out a bit more. Cleared the hall properly and sorted out hte living room a bit before downloading some lego building software. Vonnies always says “I want a Ferrari but I’m never going to get one” when Finn asks for somethign so I thought I’d build her one. Theres a website out there that has almost all of the lego boxes instructions either scanned as jpg’s or as PDF’s…so I spent the rest of the night building the Ferrari F1 car that Lego released a few years ago. Taking me ages though :(

Sunday seen the world end. I broke down Finn’s bed and made sure everything else that was going up to my room in the EK flat was easily transportable ie they were in a bin bag. Vonnie wanted teh couches put in her room and Lizzies couches moved into the livingroom but it became apparent that we’d never have time. We eventually got a hold of Vonnies Dad’s van and after I managed to convince her that we couldn’t hold off any longer we packed up what we had done (which took me 20 mins) we headed up to EK. It was only when we reached the Dunedin pitches that I realised I didnt have my keys with me which was actually very fortunate as we got the spare from my parents and managed to drag my Dad and my Uncle Mike along to give us a hand. If they werent there I dont know how long that would have taken me. I also hadnt realised exactly how much stuff we we’re taking up. My room is chockablock now! We heaed down to Lizzies where a few of our friends had already made themselves at home on the couches. By the time we’d packed /unpacked Lizzie into the flat and I’d went to get grub it was 9 at night. I hadn’t really stopped since 9 that morning and I was dying. I think we got to bed around 11 but the flat is a complete tip at teh moment…virtually nowhere is tidy. In fact, apart form the bathroom, Lizzie’s room is probablythe cleanest/clearest out the lot of them. We’ll need to start on the rest of the flat tonight when I get home so that the place is liveable as soon as possible. Hopefully we’ll have the fridge freezer working tonight so we can actually think about getting decent amounts of fresh food in for a change rather than me going to the shops every half hour :)

I’m away to die…

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