Bloody Buses

Yesterday I managed to get another migraine so I left the office 30 minutes before I said to Vonnie that I would. This caused me problems becaus eI no longer havea key to Vonnie’s flat as Lizzie now has it.

I knew Vonnie was finishing at 5 and was working at the other end of Allison Street so if I got there around 5 I shouldnt have any problems. the bus dropped me off at the Somerfield on Victoria Road at 4.38 exactly…I was not a happy bunny. So i decided…its a nice day I’ll go buy a pint of milk and sit in the park that I thought was a couple of oads over from vonnies street and on teh way to hers if I took a little detour. I realised half way to the flat that I hadnt quiet gone far enough over and had walked right passed the fecker. Ended up wandering around for a bit until Vonnie phoned to say she was hopme and that she’d been honking her horn and waving to me to try and get my attention as she drove past me two minutes earlier. Damn headphones and entertaining book causing me to walk further than needed!

Vonnie made dinner last night and it was damn tasty… Chicken Breast in Red Wine sauce with roast potatoes and green beans. There was loads of it as well! Its my turn next and i’m stuck about what to make :S

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