Good Morning Glen Etive!

I had the weirdest dream last night. Well not really but it had some cool and some freaky things in it.

Basically Firefight Scotland fell on its arse and noone could step up and either buy it out or fill the void it left behind. I think the guys from the Fort actually laughed and rubbed their hands together as they were the only real alternative near central Scotland for us all to go to (CQB Scotland didnt exist in the dream).

This meant that during the height of summer Bobz Squad and a few stragglers heading up to Aviemore for a camping trip for the weekend. Somehow we got invited up to the Lonach Highland Games despite them not being held until late August. We were at Kirsten Pantgirls families place when Billy Connolly andd his celebrity mates came along behing the highlander on their wee walk to get a few drams on the way to the games. Seems we got talking to Robin Williams, Eddie Izzard and Ray Mears (wtf was he doing there?) and told them of our airsofting plight. Robin asked if we knew of anywhere that would be perfect for playing and I piped up that there was a place in Glen Etive that was perfect for it but it was on land owned by Ian Flemings trust or whatever it is. Ray piped up that he knew them and sent some smoke signals up from a nearby campfire (he did actually do this in the dream…Glen Etive is on the other side of the country from Strathdon…) and then said it was all sorted. He’d bankroll the initial costs if we could let him and his celebrity mates play for free the next day.

We headed back down to Aviemore to sleep that night but stopped off at an arcade to play a new game that came out that had been raved about all over the computer magazines. Your normal point a pink gun at teh screen time crisis kind of thing but it was based in a room rather than in an arcade box and the graphics were fully 3d and lifesize. Stoo got ate by a zombie in the game and we never seen him again :S

Next day we headed down to Glen Etive to start the site and get a few practice games going. When we got there it had already been set up with a dedicated safezone and toilets etc. The game area included the farmhouse and its outbuildings right along to the boat shed and the jetty at the end of the road. The terrain was perfect and the ‘beach’ and banks of the river made it feel like a completely different kind of site. Somehow the celebities turned up and morphed into crazy US box office commando clones with lots of airsoft gear. Its one thing to have Ernie sneak up on you but its completely different when Eddie Izzard slots you with a sniper rifle from extreme range…waves at you and then Ray Mears stands up from behind a twig 4 yards in front and smiles an evil smile :S

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    You didn’t even mention my amazing dinner :(

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    that would be because ive not dont my update for yesterday yet :p

  3. Laura [Visitor] says:

    Too much cheese before bedtime me thinks bob…

  4. -RSG [Visitor] says:

    Fuck’s sake!

    I actually dreamed that me, you, MArk, Kat, Potatojunkie and Lovey all applied to join Spetsnaz the other night!

    We had to take part in an Escape / Evade exercise, and everyone but me and Potatojunkie fucked off up a huge tree. We hid in someone’s flat.
    We all got caught though.

    I’d also arrived late so I wasn’t issued the special Spetsnaz shoes, and had to start the ex barefoot!
    Then I managed to get hold of some fucked up too-big shoes that were really uncomfy.

    At the end, Lovey cried because it had all been too hard for him!


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