“Excuse me…I gave you a tenner!”

I spent yesterday getting angry about the slightest things and I don’t know why. I ended up with a migraine at one point during the day but thankfully it disappeared by the time I left work.

Vonnie was heading out to Renfrew after work and as I have no key to hers anymore I organised to go to the pub to draw up some of the characters for the roleplay we’re going to run soon. The battery on my phone was almost dead so after I got to the flat in EK I charged it for the length of time it took me to find the WOD books…about 10 minutes. This meant I had to have my phone turned off for most of the night.

Couldnt be arsed sitting about the flat so I went to the chippie and got some food and headed down to the pub to read some of my book and get a head start on the characters. Paid for my first pint and the woman tried to shortchange me…wasn’t happy. Eight oclock came and went and I started to worry but Mark and Willie are usually fashionably late anyway so I switched on my phone to check the time..20:20. Then a text from mark arrived saying that he couldnt make it. I asked him to let Wilbur know it was cancelled and I’d head for the bus. I drained the pint in front of me and headed out to teh car park only to find Wilbur had already arrived. We sat and talked for a bit about tattoos, vikings and the flat before getting stuck into his character. I really like the idea he’s got and I hope it works out in game.

Got a lift down to my work from Willie where Vonnie was going to pick me up. I’d just sat down and started to finish off my book when she showed up so there was no waiting about. Headed home and slept like a log.

I still feel like a disagreeable bar today mind you.

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:


    We’ll have an early night tonight babe. Love you xx

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