It burns…It bites…

Phoned in sick to work today. Have a migraine thats been coming and going for the last few days…think its the weather thats causing it :(
No decent sleep for me for the last few nights anyway so hopefully I’ll be able to get some today.

Since Vonnie got her car from her Nana we’ve been forking out a shedload to pay for it and run it. We’ve..or should I say Vonnie has…been looking for a decent car for a wee while now to get the payments down. This last week Vonnie’s been working in Arnold Clark along the road from her flat and seen a Picasso that seems to be going for a song. The insides haven’t really been looked after that well but there doesn’t seem to be that much wrong with it and outside it looks great. With it being the last day of the month and the fact she’s working there we got a good deal on it and all in we’re paying a lot less each month for a bigger car that we actually want :)

Hopefully everything will go through OK and we should get it at the weekend or early next week. :)

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  1. Weird. Mum Mum & Dad just bought a Picasso from Arnold Clark as well! Congrats :)

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