Was a strange weekend. I honestly cant remember what I got up to on Friday night. Oh wait thats a lie…CSI was on some channel and I was in bed not long after that finished. Or was I in bed before it finished?

Anyway…the upshot of it all is whilst Lizzie has been great and everything there isnt enough room for us all in the flat. There probably would have been if Vonnie had shared with someone from day one and she’d been used to it but with all the boxes and baskets of washing in the hall its just got to the point where it’s not doing anyone any good. We’ve got a couple of things hopefully ont he go to help us out so hopefully the time until I get the flat sorted out with Susie wont be too stressful.

Saturday I took Finn into town as I had to get an adaptor for the tape deck in the car so we could use the mp3 players. It’s not ideal but its a bit more usefull than a crappy basic CD player. We’ll get somethign decent one of these days to go in it though. Vonnie had to work and although Finn and I planned on going to the park the traffic meant we were running late. We ended up at my parents for a bit before heading out to Largs to catch the end of the days festivities at the Viking festival. We really only got there about 30 minutes before the fireworks started but it was a nice night and a few of my photos turned out not to badly. I’ll have a double check at them and maybe upload them if they look ok.

Sunday we went through to Vonnie’s dad’s in Bo’ness again and with the weather like it was it was a good drive if a little hot in the car. I have absolutely no idea what time we got back at but Alan came round to talk to Vonnie about Finn and he didnt head off back home until almost 1am. We’re like zombies today.

Btw..heres the car and a pic of Beau
The motor!

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  1. Laura [Visitor] says:

    Who is beau?
    Did vonnie find a home for her cat?

  2. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Beau is one of my Dad’s dogs, and Sparky went to Bob’s mate Barry’s house :)

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