“Sorry Bob…did I shoot you again?”

We got onsite for dead on 10.30 only to find Steve running through the safety speech already. Looking good for a quick start and plenty of gaming!

By the time we got geared up and signed in the first game was over and done with and the teams were divied up into 4 six man teams for timed farm clearing games. These kind of games are OK once in a while so I quite enjoyed it after not playing them for months. My only gripe is that although each game only last 15 mins if your not the attacking team you can go 45 mins without firing a shot. I think between the 6 of us we managed to go through about 100 bb’s between us during this time and most of that was me shooting the heads off plants. When it came our turn to assault the farmhouse we decided to try and capitalise on the mistakes we seen the other teams making. Alot of the teams werent defending the corner room very strongly and were filling up the courtyard with bodies that were vunerable from the front. Splitting into two teams we sent Mark, Shug and Tony round the front to snipe on the guys out in the open (which seemed to work despite them breaking cover too early and almost killing the guys that were already dead. Myself, Willie and Ryan decided to take the corner room fast and hard..unfortunately we got a little bogged down trying to take the back door but we cleared that and I got Orev a peach as he was lining up a shot on Wilbur. Pretty soon we were trying to clear the courtyard as well whilst guarding the backdoor (which ended up being our undoing as I miscountd the number of fol I thought were out there and the last guy got me and Ryan). Willie got into a shooting match with one of Orevs mob…he’d just taken my head off from about 5-6 yards as he was hugging the wall just inside the courtyard. After Ryan mediced me back in I told Willie who started ducking round the corner and openign fire. They traded fire a couple of times whilst Ryan watched on after being shot himself by this guy and by myself as I struggled to get my gun up for a shot. When Willie finally got him the guy called blind firing and told Steve about it. Fair enough the first couple of pellets that were coming out of the gun might have went off before Wilies head was fully in view but he wasnt blind firing and all three of us new that the guy wasnt going to be sitting at the end of the barrel when the gun opened up if that was the case anyway. It turned out we romped that game which is weird considering we’ve never been very good at storming the farmhouse…ever!

After lunch we had an ambush game that seemed to drag on a bit but I manged to tag two folk without dying only for time to be called just as the red team were making thier way down to the ‘Little Bridge’.

I wasn’t at all happy about the games at The Alamo though. Again we were split into our 6 man teams but this time we were teh defenders whilst teh 18 attacked us and our defense timed. They just turned into a bb-fest and I managed to go through 2 batteries and about about 2300 bb’s in the 4 short games. We’d barely hit four oclock and most of us were having to ration our ammo or go onto springers or pistols to get by. It was fun in a lets hoot loads of bb’s and inflict pain on anyone in the alamo kind of way but thats not why I play airsoft…apart form the first squad game at the farmouse during your ’15 minutes” there was very little in the way of constructive airsofting like we used to play. Fair enough Steve wasnt; well and fair play to him for making it out to run the day but almost 3 hours of similar gameplay was a bit much.

The predator game ended up with myself borrowing Mark and Wilbur’s glocks and runnign about pretending to the guy from Equilibrium only to realise that i’m a shite shot and cant hit anything with them :(

A few pics came out OK and can be found here

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  1. -RSG [Visitor] says:

    Well, I DO always ask if anyone has any requests for games to play!
    The only time anyone actually answered me was when we decided to finish off with a Predator game!

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    Only time I heard it asked was for the predator game. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it…just not me.

  3. -RSG [Visitor] says:

    Either way – Be more vocal dude, if you’re not enjoying things! Please… As I always say – It’s YOUR site, not mine!

  4. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    like i say…everyone else seemed to be enjoying it.

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