So the weekend is over and teh goose is getting fat and all that. Well its almost christmas (months away yet but ive been singing the songs all morning) so expect christmas rants here very soon…

Anyway…Vonnie was working on Saturday morning so I took Finn to the cinema to see The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Now I knew this was going to be a kiddies film but I wasn’t expecting it to be made by kids? Well it was Robert Rodriguez that directed it so you’d at least expect it to look good (which it did to be honest…the 3D stuff was fantastic) but the level of acting was very poor indeed. Still, Findlay enjoyed it which is what mattered. Spend a while looking for a present for my brother after meeting p with Vonnie as she went for her haircut but didnt find anything.

I then proceeded to fail to catch any sleep that afternoon and paid for it at night. We headed round to Andrews flat for his birthday party but I was lucky to still be standing I was yawning that much! Hit the bed and was asleep before I made it horizontal I think.

Sunday was airsoft and Vonnie very kindly gave Mark, Wilbur and myself a run through to Shotts to have a run out at airsoft for Wlburs birthday. I’ll go into more detail in another post about that though. Got home at teh end of the day and collapsed on the couch after getting a chinese takeaway and had Vonnie collapse in the bath. Woke up this morning absolutely shattered with the prospect of kipping at my parents for the next wee while. Its great of them to do this but for us its just a bed…all our gear will either be in the flat in govanhill boxed up and ready to go or in the EK flat in my room. The sooner this all gets sorted the better for everyone I think :)

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