Lethargic = Bob

So yeah, aye and all that kind of thing.

Not much has been happening over the last week or so. Lawyers still have thier thumbs up their arses and seem to be working on a ‘go slow’, moved into my parents to get some room but its stressing everyone out just a little. Works been…I’ll not kid myself, my boss has been off and I’ve done nothing this last week and I’m going to pay for it today. And stuff happened…cant remember what it was but it must have happened otherwise I wouldnt be here feeling like I do.

Spent Saturday night up at Mark’s starting off the roleplay. I’d managed to lose all my papers for the game at Vonnies so I couldn’t really start it off properly. Spent about an hour talking Mark and Willie through the setting and how they came to be amongst The Guards ranks. Then LotR’s 3 got thrown on the TV and we sat gabbing about airsoft and Ultima Online for hours. I’d managed to drink a litre of fake red bull and was flying by the time I got home so couldnt sleep.

Yesterday was meant to be sorting out the Govanhill flat but we didnt get ther until 7.30pm…but we still got most of it done. Didnt get to bed until midnight mind you. Unfortunately we couldnt store the couch in the bedroom…it turns out the bedroom doorway is 4 inches narrower than every other door in the flat! So we had to bin it. It was in teh street a matter of minutes before the cushions went missing andthen within 20 minutes the couch itself was gone. They left the bed though :S

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