Ah’ll tell you this boy!

So the long weekend…we did nothing.

Well when I say nothing I actually mean not that much. We watched The Fantastic Four with Finn on Friday night, I think…I’ve had major problems all weekend trying to work out what day it was, which was OK for what it was. It could have been so much better but they chose to do alot of backstory and finish it up very quickly at the end. Not sure if it’s made enough dosh to get a sequal made but the end just begs for it and with the back story out the way I can see a damn good film in the pipeline if it ever does kick off.

Dragged Vonnie out to try and find trousers on sunday but as always there was nothing there and Vonnie wasnt to happy about be dragging her out. Watched Bad Santa again which always freaks me out…if it wasnt for the boozing, sex and language it would be the perfect kids film…but its those things that make it funny :S

Vonnie and Finn headed out for a trip to “Wail of a Time” with Finn’s mate Sam for a few hours so I got stuck into trying to tidy the rooms a little, grabbed a shower and fixed Finns lego plane all whilst trying to play Ultima Online a bit more. Managed 15 mins of UO in total before Vonnie got back though :(

Finn’s got this thing recently abotu playing with Lego…and because I’m trying to keep him ocupied as we dont have proper access to a TV at the moment I’ve got right into it. I’ve dug out all my old stuff and I’ve been making planes and cars and stuff. Just waiting till ive got he time to make up my spaceship I got as a kid and that technics car I got but lost the instructions for!

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