SOmething I started a while ago but couldnt be arsed finishing or cleaning up..posting for something to do as im bored :p

Joe was meant to cover the left flank of the building. In fact he was supposed to be calling the shots on the attack but so far there wasn’t any sign of him.

We’d been waiting for 10 minutes, holed up on the other side of the old stone railway bridge, which was a whole 5 minutes longer than we were suppose to. Our job to pick of any trouble makers that tried to exfil across the bridge once the attack started. I was set up fine, great view across the bridge and i was dug in behind a long mound of earth in amongst the trees, and Cammie had a nice wee perch off to my left with his G-Spec sitting pretty taking in all the movement around the house.

What the fuck was going on? I could just make out the other guys sneaking in along the right flank. They’d have to get in really close to guarentee the hit’s we needed to take them down quickly but they seemed to hesitating as they came along the banks of the railway cutting. I quickly realised why when Cammie threw me spotting scope. The bastards had set up differently! Everytime we’ve sat in an OP watching this place they’ve set up exactly the same, a couple of guys in the front room looking out over the bridge with another couple looking out through the window and whats left of the doorway onto the left flank. Theyd usually have a couple of men either out in the open on the right or dug in just on the lip of the berm out on the right. Our guys had reached there and found noone, not even one of their new boys.

Cammie pointed to the left of the house and raised 4 fingers. Looking through his scope I could make out the two guards we were expecting to be covering the doorway had came forward a bit and were dig in behind a few trees. Nothing that that would stop us, in fact with them out of the buidling on the opposite side from our main force it might even be to our advantage. I still couldnt see the other two Cammie had spotted. He pointed over to where I was expecting to see Joe. There were two figures crawling through the grass. Had they taken him out? Had they even seen him? They were very close to the bank. We were told to maintain radio silence, thatthe first sign of the attack going in would either be Joe letting rip once he’d reached a safe bit of ground to set up on or from his flashbang grenade going off in the front room. If there was any contact with the enemy we were to resort to the age old plan of shoot any bastard we could see moving and keep shooting until we were sure they wouldnt move again. I had no way of telling the our guys coming in on the right what was going on but as 2nd in command I had to do something.

Cammie took 3 shots from his G-Spec. Each shot taking what seemed like an eternity. All it would take is one guy to notice where the fire was coming from and we’d be on the recieving end of 12 assault rifles with full clips. Both figures stopped moving. Had we got them? Did they survive and was one of them radioing back to the house that they’d just taken fire? Have I just fucked up?

Just as I was about to tell Cammie to call the targets for Bravo squad to get this started a bunch of the bad guys came from the path behind us and walked right past us. They must have been no more than 4 metres away from us! They just wandered up to the start of the bridge when I realised theyd have a perfect view of Bravo squad crawling along the bank. I emptied my clip into thier back just as they stepped out into the open scoring hits on all of them. I could make out a couple of them them trying to call for a medic but you could barely hear them over the roar that kicked off within seconds of my trigger pull. Very heavy fire was coming in on our position from the building, every shot making sure we kept our heads down. Bravo squad took this as the time to resort to plan B and hit them hard. Or at least they tried to. The undergrowth to the left of the building came to life as several men appeared as if from nowhere mowing down anyone that dared to stand in their line of fire.

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