Sundays Report

Hmm…spent this weekend feeling like crap. If it wasn’t stress about the flat it was because I managed to get a two day hangover from three and a half pints of lager. I’m still having great problems removing the images burnt onto my retinas from saturay night in that “Reflex” place. When I walked in with Mark all I coule think off was “I thought places like this only existed in Newcastle” or “Why couldnt they keep these places in Newcastle?”

Willie called it when he said “Is this a gay tune? You can’t help singing the first couple of lines until you realise what song it is. It is isn’t it?” just as one of the anthems of the gay/female world came on. You had to pick and choose what songs to tap your toe to or sing along with as there was so much bad music from that period thats so damn catchy that you have to fight to stop singing along to. One minute is “Ice Ice Baby” then it was something by Jason Donovan then Kylie..or something like that. When Big Fun came on though that tookthe biscuit.

I did have a bit of fun later on though just before we got kicked out at the end. Went up on the dancefloor with Wilbur and Mark to a song that we all loved but I can’t for the life of me remember. It had Willie gyrating anyway. Then Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” came on and the two of them went into overdrive. I sat down not long after that ;)

Ended up getting a lift home from Clare which was gratefully received although it felt weird having to sit my kebab on my lap without eatin git until I got out the car…I can see why though :) Ended up standing on the bridge just down from my house to finish the kebab before getting into the house…I’ve never done that before. Not just with a kebab (for years there was only one place to get a kebab in east kilbride as a takeaway and it shut early) but with any meal. By the time you got out of Crystals and bought a half pizza supper or whatever it would be gone by the time you got to the Righead roundabout. It was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the food rather than drunkenly wolf it down on the move.

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