I should probably start with the thing that caused last weekends statement in here.

This whole flat buying experience has been nothing like last time. Yes there were a few last minute hiccups but nothing that wasnt sorted within a day and nothing that dragged out. This one has been the mortgage from hell. If its not folk refusing to phone back its lawyers thinking their better than everyone else and refusing to send a bloody fax. If its not mortgage companies fecking up your forms its mortgage companies refusing to fix thier mistakes so they can make a bit of cash. At times I feel absolutely useless as I can’t put a roof over my pregnant partner and her sons head. Our living conditions are better than some but thats about it. We shouldnt be in a situation like this and the stress is causing everyone involved to shutdown. Its as if we’ve reached the stage where things cant get any worse so we sit and wait for each wave to hit us without flinching or a hint of emotion. I just feel at times that no matter what I do its not enough to fix this.

After Vonnie’s rage with ‘our people’ the other day things seem to be moving but I find myself going back to my old ways of not being able to trust anything as a definate until I see it with my own eyes. I’ve been burned to many times recently by other folk that I trusted to come through when they said they would…with things like this I can’t let myself trust like that again…its to important it works.

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    There’s no reason for you to feel useless because none of this is your fault. We both know that this situation is beyond hellish, but we’ll get through it :)

    Rage is good sometimes. I wanted to make the mortgage advisor cry…

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