Sunday night was the culmination of me keeping a secret for over a month. It wasn’t actually that hard which surprised the gossip deep inside me to be honest.

Jen had pm’d me on Alt Nation saying she wanted to throw Vonnie a baby shower but didnt know when or who to invite. I believe Eileen had a bit of say in it as well but it seemed to be Jen doing most of the legwork as far as I could see. Anyone and everyone that had anything to do with Vonnie and her friends was told about it and a date was eventually set for sunday. I had no idea what was going on…I just had to make sure she got there on time. Jen actually did that for me by asking Vonnie out for a bite to eat which worked far better than anything I could lie about :)

Despite leaving the kingsgate a little early, I’d managed to get Vonnie to drive round to PC world to waste a bit more time but not enough, we were running late after Rutherglen was cut in half by a road closer. Took us about 20 minutes to find our way out thanks to shody diversion signage or rather the complete lack of signs. We ended up in a scheme with kids playing on a manky sofa in the street and what looked like armour plating made out of road signs on the ba…wait a minute! Finally got to the city centre where Vonnie dropped me off for my supposed ‘book signing at borders’ before she headed round to Lava to get Jen. She seemed to have got a bit of a shock when she got there and had recovered enough to call me a ‘BASTARD!’ by the time I’d walked round :)

We got loads of presents with a couple of folk going completely overboard but we can forgive them :)

Jen had cooked a load of cake and grub for us and we all stuffed out faces before heading off around 9.30. They filled the car with all the blue and pink balloons they’d blown up and Vonnies been driving around with them there ever since until Finn gets to see them tonight :)

After last weeks disappointments regarding the flat this week seems to be picking up slightly though not quite as fast as we’d like. With a bit of luck we’ll be in the flat in the very near future but until the agreements are sent off to the lawyers and we start unpacking stuff into the flat I’ll hold off having a party.

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