The start?

I’ve been meaning to start this kind of post for a while but its only as we start to get damn close that I’m starting to realise just whats going on and what its going to mean.

By that I dont mean I didnt have a clue about what was going to happen or the changes that were goign to occur. I mean that I didnt quite know how it would effect me as a person…in my head.

Folk are constantly saying I’ll be a great dad but I always find myself saying, “Will I? How do you know?”
Yeah I get on great with Finn but he’s of the age and size that I’m not going to hurt him that much if I drop him or I can have a laugh with him. But a baby? I’m too scared to hold the remote for a TV sometimes never mind a baby I’m that clumsy. Do I really have what it takes?.

Anyway…as the last 3 months comes into view and my brain slowly cracks I’ll be sure to document it in here…even if its only to look back on in the years to come :)

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