Was meaning to mention this yesterday but I forgot all about it…

My boss made toffee apples and brought them into work (I havent had one…honest) as well as a tub of the left over toffee. I love that stuff. Theres just something about the taste of it that reminds me of my childhood. I’ve told my boss she’s getting billed for any dental treatment I may require after eatting it though.

It wasnt the fact she brought it in that was blog was the fact that they may have been the most expensive toffee apples ever made. She ruined 2 good pots, 2 good plates, 4 forks, 4 spoons and managed to get the toffee onto her worktop and onto her laminate floor. The later bits shouldnt be too bad except the toffee was that hot it melted into the laminate and the worktop surface completely ruining them. She’s now having to look at replacing her entire flooring as well as new worktops for her kitchen as she can’t find the same kind of finish anywhere!

As Nelson once said…..Ha ha!

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  1. Clare [Visitor] says:

    I hate to say it – but duh

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    we just laughed…couldnt do much else. could barely breath as she told us we were laughing that much :)

  3. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    seems her dogs licked the floor clean and its fine :(

  4. laura [Visitor] says:

    mmmmm toffee apples. do you remember when you were wee and could 13 at a time?!!! Now after half of one i’m skiting off the roof from a sugar high (with no teeth cos of the toffee)…

  5. ruth [Visitor] says:

    hehe yay, i love toffee apples :D

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