Groundhog Day

OK…so the move went well. Well as well as can be expected when youve got more than a van load of gear to move and a 6 month pregnant girlfriend :p

Loads of our mates turned up at Govanhill and helped us load the van. Jen gave me a lift back up to EK early on to try and get the bathroom and livingroom tidied up. Eventually the rest turned up in EK after a couple of hours ;)

Managed to get the van cleared out by about 6 or something and we got pizza’s for everyone and a few beers for those that wanted it. After managing to get the bed up we collapsed until the morning. It was just before this that Vonnie got a phone call that sparked WW3 when she found out her granddad had died. It really wasn’t what anyone wanted least of all Vonnie after all she’s been through these last few months.

Sunday was spent in a daze trying to unpack bits and pieces whilst gutting the kitchen etc. It was round about noon that I realised I was coming down bad with the cold and it wasnt just a sore throat id woken up with in the morning. After bullying Vonnie into going to my parents to pick up the rest of our stuff we quickly realised just how fecked we were. Left half the gear and went home to collapse again. And thats been how its been since then. :(

I’ll get round to doing something different in a couple of days hopefully but until then I’ll settle for a repeaqt of the laqst few days to work through the backlog of unpacking.

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