I’ve got a blog somewhere haven’t I?

Apologies dear readers for the lack of updates recently. Yes I’ve got net access and my own PC back but I’m either sleeping, unpacking, tidying up, or playing pirates. Not much free time to do much else although in saying that i’m getting to the stage with pirates where i’m getting a bit bored with it so I’ll probably have some free time soon enough to unpack more stuff!

So yeah…catch up time.

Went round to Dave Hogg’s flat on friday night after being kicked out by Vonnie so I can see my mates. Headed orund there with Mark who had to wait for me downstairs as they’ve installed the secure entry system finally but we dont have a phone yet to let anyone in yet! Seems it was supposed to be ‘live’ already but after locking myself out last night taking the bin out it seems the front door is still open at the moment so for anyone heading round to the flat go to the door you guys dont usually come through.

Saturday we were supposed to finish of moving the gear from the flat in Govanhill up to EK. Last time we looked there was maybe 2 car loads but it turned out to be slightly more than that but I’ll get to that in a minute. The plans ended up being something like this…I was getting dropped off at the flat to sort everything out whilst Vonnie took Finn to his mates birthday party. They would return with the van and we’d pick it up in one trip and then head to Glasgow Green to see the fireworks for bonfire night.

Iit didnt work out like that…

First off we had lost the invite for Finn’s party so we were struggling to find out where he was supposed to be but thankfully after gutting the car we found it. Then we left the van key in EK so Vonnie had to fight traffic to get to the govanhill flat to let me know she was heading up to get the key. She was stressed out by alot of stuff such as screaming kids at the party and deadly traffic only for her to arrive at teh flat and see the mountain of stuff I’d got ready to move. We knew the cupboard had to be emptied but what we didnt realise was that was full. And by full I mean 7′ tall by 6′ deep by 4 foor wide. The bedroom ended up holding approx half a van load rather than ‘a few boxes’. This done it for Vonnie who almost cracked up on the spot. Bonfire night for Vonnie is like her birthday, christmas and new year all rolled into one so the prospect of sitting in the back of the van whilst I loaded up up all night really didnt appeal to her but she went to get the van key anyway. Vonnie got to EK only to realise I hadn’t gave her the flat key so ended up at her mum’s where she was going to kill something. Mark….thanks for sticking about in case we needed your help when we got to EK.

We’d been spending all day running the car on fumes so there was hopefully enough to get Vonnie to EK were she could get my bank card (which id also forgot) and stick some in. When I hadnt heard form her in ages I started to get worried that the car had ran out somewhere and she was stuck but I eventually got a txt from her letting me know what was going on. We were giving up for the night and coming back the next morning with her family to get it over and done with.

We picked up Finn’s dad and made it to the fireworks just in time for it to start only to find out they had been delayed a wee bit. Met Ryan and a few others so we had a bit of a laugh which I was most grateful for. It was the first time I’d seen Vonnie smile or relax all day. The actual fireworks were a bit of a let down…the Viking Festival ones were better though there were far more actual fireworks on Saturday night.

Yesterday we managed to clear the flat in Govanhill in 25 mins and have it all up in the EK flat with an hour or two. That’s 99% of everything done now. Just leaves my airsoft stuff and Finn’s bike at my parents to get I think. It also means that as there was so much stuff to lift on sunday that any headway I’d made in clearing the flat and unpacking has been wiped out and we’re now buried further than before. Mind you the kitchen seems to be 90% done as regards unpacking and Finn’s room had more work done on it today to make room for his stuff.

Now I’m going to die as I’ve done my back in lifting the spare tiles for the damn bathroom floor. Why didnt I bin them last time I went near them?

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