Mark’s a star!


The site lives!!

For some reason my other webhost got hit with huge amounts of traffic which I can only think comes from hotlinking to AltNation which I’ll need to stop for now. In saying that it used to get hit with some serious bandwidth eating in the early hours of the mornign maybe once a month but it seems to be constant since 28th Oct.

Either way we moved a bit earlier than I thought we would but there you go.

The blogs now on and the forums are at

I’ll get the airsoft site up and running properly soonish once I get access to Joomla to feck about with the content and get the graphics updated :)

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  1. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    The fecking web address for this blog is spelt wrong :(

    Gues what im buying with my next paucheck :(

  2. mark [Visitor] says:

    hahah sorry bob

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