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So my lovely other half got me a ‘surprise’ ticket to see the Bloodhound Gang on saturday night when they were playing at The Garage. This was good for many reasons but the one that springs to mind was sitting the previous night in my flat with a few beers hunting down the support acts on the internet with my mates who were going without me. About the only info we could find on google was about The Lucky Nine so consider us surprised when I bunch of crazy Japanese folk took to the stage.

After the set I was convinced I’d heard of them before but I just couldnt place where from. Turns out Electric Eel Shock were mentioned on these very forums back in May and I was considering going along to see what the fuss was about. I wish I had!

I can honestly say I dont think I’ve seen a band grab the crowd by the balls quite so blatently as they did and take everyone for a ride. Coming on stage playing Sabbath’s Iron Man we found 2 hairy folk that were either out their face after downing some vodka and redbull or just naturally crazy and one mohican bedecked drummer who gradually lost his clothes as he made his way to the drumkit. Multiple drumsticks in hand a a thre foot sock on his cock and he was away.

I know the main draw for the night was TBG but the number of people after the gig screaming “You Bastard!” and “Scream for me Grasgow!” without a hint of pisstake sums up who had the most impact on the crowd.

Take the hint that I didnt and get listening to them. When someone first said “They Rock!” I’m sure the phrase was meant to be for EES.

website – http://www.electriceelshock.com/
mp3′s – http://www.electriceelshock.com/Dis….asp?pageid=212
vids – http://www.electriceelshock.com/Dis…e.asp?pageid=32

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  1. A bit too METAL for me, but they are Japanese which gains them huge brownie points by default :)

    FYI – They play King Tut’s on Monday 16th January 06 :)

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    To the gigmobile!

  3. Mark [Visitor] says:

    For sure !

  4. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Not for me, methinks. No more gigs/catty until after d-day :)

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