The Rebuild

Made a start on the new Bobz Squad website yesterday. Joomla is nice but for some reason alot of its functions I cant access from work despite being able to do it from Mambo. Now considering Joomla V1 is virtually a rebranding of Mambo with a cuople of tweaks to make it look slightly diferent you’d think think there wouldnt be a problem.

As far as I can work out it works fine everywhere apart from my PC at work. Which suggests its something to do with Java…somethign I cant getinstalled on my work PC no matter what. What exactly have they changed though? I can upload new components/modules/templates as well as add new things to menus etc…I just cant add anything that requires me to input text. Seems it doesnt want me to save anything to the site that isnt zipped and you cant add pages like that :(

Anyway…got a basic template sorted out. I’ve managed to get my 2 column template that ive been trying to do for ages as well as getting me a full width header. The colours will change and the graphics tweeked but the general look and feel probabley wont change much.

Now if I could only find some decent ideas and pics to use for the header and for the pic on the front page so it doesnt look like we’re a bunch or terrorist wannabe’s.

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