This was a weekend of of opposites. Saturday was supposed to be a day for sorting out the flat and it sort of was. I tidied up the mess you get from living somewhere while Vonnie started the horrendous job of going through all the clothes and sorting them out into stuff to keep for the baby, stuff to keep for us and Finn, and stuff to be binned. I think about 1/3 of the clothes have been done so far but once we get a bit more room freed up thanks to this sorting out we should be able to move a bit quicker with the rest.

Spent a fair whack of my free time playing Civ4. It’s just the same as the other 3 in that the game itself isnt that good but you can’t get away from it. You find yourself constantly saying “Just one more turn…please?”

Sunday was yet again supposed to be a day of rest where we done bits for the flat but tried to relax as well. We ended up agreeing to go through to Falkirk where Vonnie’s dad was treating us to lunch but when we got out to the car we found we had a flat tire. Now I know when you buy a car second hand you get what you get and we really should have checked this when we got it but Arnold Clark never mentioned we didnt have a jack…so i get to feel slightly annoyed ok? :p

It took Vonnie asking a neighbour as he parked his car if we could borrow his before we could fix it. Now I’ve only helped change a tire before..never done one all by myself but if I’d have told Vonnie that we wouldnt have got anywhere yesterday. I was scared whitless thatthe jack was going to break and it didnt help that I couldnt loosen the bolts off witht eh tool that came with the car. I ended up almost breaking it as it was two bits of metal welded together and the weld just kept twisting. Thankfully the guy also gave us his which seemed to work slightly better.

Anyway…off we went into town for a wee wander and a trip to the 13th Note for a bite to eat. I think we OD’d on garlic bread but it was tasty as always. Then headed round to Lush before going for our appointment at Baby Scanning Ltd for the 4D scan. I’ve heard folk say its a waste of money but I wouldnt have missed that scan for the world. We’ve now got a wee DVD with about 15 mins of footage fromteh realtime 3D scan which will be something to embarress the kid when they start bringing their love interests round to meet the family… We also found out the sex of the baby and if you want to know we’ll tell you in the fullness of time. Got to tell close friends and family first :)

today seen my visit the lawyer to sign the papers so hopefully that should see things moving over the next couple of days.

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Did you watch the DVD? I thought it was 4D images rather than 3D?

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    It is and it isnt…

    The images are 3D but its video so thats your 4th dimension….time :)
    4D doesnt really mean very mutch as theres so many differnt things the 4th one could be.

  3. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Ahhh. You have explained that to me before. Alas, I’m not the brightest ;)

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