So its the day before the new store opens beside my work. I know it’s sad but it’s been interesting watching them build it from scratch.

They took forever to get the basic shell up but then a bit of politics came into it and theyve thrown the rest up. Sainsbury’s is opening tomorrow as well so they set that as their new target date and by god they intend on getting it open on time!

In the space of four days theyve managed to build the carpark as well as put all the finishing touches to the place..I came into work yesterday and they were hoisting the sign into place and this morning theres guys out taking photos of it. Now go along to and check out the special offers and tell me what other supermarket would be crazy enough to try and market all thier offers as cigars or cigar and wine related products!

Right now im sitting watching them burn all the waste wood and rubbish from the site. Usually this wouldnt excite me but the fire is only a few metres from the front of the store and the pyromaniac in me is pissing itself laughing att the thought of the front canopy catching fire and the whole thing going up. Three months to build and 30 mins to destroy…>:D

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  1. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    And at 7.30 there was a queue all the way around the store apparently.

    I dont think there has been more than 2-3 car parking spaces free at a time either…just shows you that folk in EK like a deal too ;)

    I’ll get my coat…

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