Frustration…my middle name.

Been a slow week.

The mortgage finally went through on thursday so by friday we had the cash to start getting the bits and pieces we need for the flat.

When I say bits and pieces a really mean a new mattress for the bed as the one we have just now doesnt fit and a flatscreen monitor for my PC which will go on the new dining table once we find one we like. Thats about it other than paint and a new carpet for Finn’s room. My only problem is that I can’t paint whilst vonnies in the flat becaus eof the fumes so I don’t know how we’re going to work around that one :S

So yeah..the frustration…where does that come in? Well we had th cash for the matress but I’d need a hand to get it up the stairs to the flat and I couldnt get anyone to help on friday evening as everyone had plans or I just couldnt get in touch with them.

I then got the flatscreen monitor and PSU installed only to kill my net access for 3 hours. All it was in the end was a loose cable in the back of the router!

I then spent all night sorting out the clothes in the living room that needed boxed for the baby or cleaned for us. I thought I’d got it all done and had packed everything away nice and tidy only to find 2 more binbags and 2 boxs full of the stuff hiding at the back.

And to cap it off I noticed Bubble Boy was on TV last night so tried to set the video recorder for it totally forgetting that id never set the video up so I can tape stuff properly as I couldnt find the remote control when I plugged it all in. Arrrgghhh!

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  1. Laura [Visitor] says:

    We have bubbleboy on dvd if you want a copy?

  2. Clareybear [Visitor] says:

    500 dollars?

  3. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    500 dallah!

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