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After getting back to my own PC I’ve got back into playing games over the last few weeks. Many of the games I want to play I cant find the discs for and those I can find the discs dont work. I’m literally aching to play Homeworld 2 and the discs have went walkabout so I’ve had to console myself with playing Freespace 2 despite really waning to play Privateer 2…even considering building a Win95 machine just to play it as I cant get the thing to work under DOSBox :(

Pirates has bored me and after completing CoD2 in a weekend im finding it hard to go back through it on the hard setting. I just can’t work up the enthusiasm I had for the first version.

Ultima Online is coming and going in my favourite game list and I can go a full week of playing nothing else only to not touch it for the following week.

NFSU2 is always fun for a quick fix but the streetx and the later drift races I just cant get the hang of. I’ll keep plugging away at it as I got a little tip for the streetx races which sounds promising.

I’ve been drawn in by Ogame…it’s slow and boring but its frustratingly addictive. It’s been a few years since Ive come across a game where I’ll gladly sit and watch numbers tick by as I wait to get enough resources to build things. Unlike most RTS’s though it can take hours to build things in this game so its played over months rather than hours.

I’m wanting to get into using Garry’s Mod alot more on HL2 but I can’t get my head round it alot of the time. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit more with it soon now that ive realised I can run it windowed and have the mod’s wiki open for its instruction manual. I’ll get past piling bodies onto explosives and blowing them up some day! :)

Aching for a LAN party/40k battle/MtG game soonish. Vonnie’s OK’d the first two once the flats in order so we’ll see what we can get going :)

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