a war zone? You have to be kidding?

Somethings came up in work that I’m really thinking of going for. Basically I’m thinking of putting myself forward for the Crisis Response Staff Pool.

This would entail me having to drop stuff at a moments notice to go help out with emergancies be it overseas or in London. I’m not an aid worker/adviser/disaster specialist so im limited with what I can do but this is right up my alley as it includes admin staff to help run the offices or to staff emergancy teams. Prime examples of this were our Iraq desk needed setup immediately once the war finished but the way recruitment works it takes up to 9 months to get people into place but with this staff pool it could be up and running within days with the full time staff being recruited over the following months. When the tsunami hit last year everyone was on holiday…Boxing Day I think it was. With this pool we’d have the ability to staff teh London desks on teh day and get extra admin staff out to the effected areas to run the offices whilst the locals deal with their homes/families/etc.

It’s an ideal thing for me as not only do I get to help out in my own way but it looks great on my annual report for when I go for promotion. The only thing is I dont know if my skill set is what they are looking for and I have no time to get any training organised before the sifting of applicants is done.

Something I need to really think about over the coming week or so.

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