The Goodies

Christmas is coming
Isnt it a laugh
We havent any money
So lets all go daft


So yeah…christmas present shopping is slowly coming together and hopefully I’ll have 95% of it done by tonight. My grandpa is in the hospital just now after getting his knee replaced so I need to go up and see him tonight so late shopping isnt on teh cards thankfully :)

The christmas tree is up and looking damn nice if you ask me. Managed to get it up after a couple of hours with Finn’s help so at least a part of the flat looks christmas-ey. Finn’s got this new found fascination with Lego and judging on what I know he’s getting already I dont know who’s more excited about it ;)

Sunday seen myself and Mark head out into the wilds for a day of airsofting. It would have been better with more of us but as it was only half the team really gave a shit about winning so we got our arses felt in almost every game. We finished a little early so myself and Mark wandered down the path to get Vonnie at the gate and by this time it was pitch black. Mark found out that I really dont like the dark and with a ruined church at the gate Mark started talking about The Blair Witch. I will kill him one of these days…I promise!

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  1. -RSG [Visitor] says:

    Did Vonnie bid on that Republic Cruiser?!?!

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    You’d be surprised what rich relatives that work in the british embassy in Washington can fit in the ‘diplomatic bag’.

    Your allowed one large parcel at christmas but I think he might be taking the piss slightly…

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